Why Buy From Us


We have been involved in most forms of motorsport as either a competitor, sponsor or supporter if we wont use it we wont sell it.

We have been in the automotive Industry for over 30 years working in most areas from restoration, paint and panel, engine reconditioning and spare parts.

All shipped items include tracking a on both domestic and international shipments.

We are a registered Australian company who pride ourselves on old fashion customer service, quality products and after sales service.

We offer shipping worldwide at an affordable rate with no minimum order value.

We are manufacturers & distributors of high automotive performance products, Briggs & Stratton Racing Engines and spare parts and Inferno Racing Clutches.

We do our best to support Australian made and USA made products.

We accept credit card payments, EFT bank to bank transfers (Australia Only), Paypal, direct bank deposit & money orders.

Check our online selling reputation from customers who have purchased through our Ebay store by clicking the link below


Due to the increased online selling fees through Ebay we only have a very small part of our inventory listed.

Below are Problems that could be the reason you may not be getting an email reply or are having difficulty purchasing from us online. We hope this can help you to set up your account or give you a reason why you haven’t had an email reply.

If you are having trouble creating an account to purchase from any one of the Australian High Performance Industries Web Stores or activating your account or can’t find a reply to your email here are a few things that could explain why.
Due to a high level of traffic from our websites our server can sometimes be added to a spam list, classified as junk mail or blocked totally. This is something we have no control over & makes it frustrating for both us & our customers. 

Why Should I Have An Account?
We do not use or collect any of your details when registering for an account for any other reason that to track sales and to allow us to contact you should a problem arise with your order. An account allows us to double check you delivery address or contact you via phone, even for customers who pay via bank deposit. Over the years we have had customers pay via EFT & given us the wrong phone number or address. If we can contact you, we can complete your order faster if there is a problem.

Why Should I Add My Phone Number
It is important to add a contact phone number mobile preferred as email is not always a reliable way of contacting to you. Spam blockers, an incorrect entered email address, commercial type email hosts gmail, yahoo, hotmail, AOL. if your email host or ISP use a black list or email blocker program this can also block things. If we have a contact number it allows our system to send SMS updates.

Why Haven’t I Received The Reply Email To Activate My Account or Confirm my Order?
Be sure to check & double check that your email address is entered correctly.
Check your junk or spam folder for our reply.
Your email hosts server may have blocked our email address.
You have an email spam blocker that requires people who reply to your emails to register. This is not always possible for us to do due to the high number of emails we receive.

What Should I Do If I Cant Register or Make a Purchase? 
Send us a text message or email outlining your enquiry, a brief description is fine, we can get the correct person to complete your enquiry.
Please include your first name ans if you cant answer your phone during the day please include an after 3.00PM or what ever time suits you.
Call us and if we don’t answer your phone call and you get our voice mail message leave your details and phone number, we are not high pressure sales people or stalkers.
We have an incoming phone number and numerous out going phone lines. It is highly likely that the number we use to call you will be a private or blocked number.

I Have Made A Purchase & Want To Pay With Pay Pal, The Shopping Cart Has Not Directed Me To PayPal
The non redirection to pay pal is something that is only experienced by some users, we have been unable to find the reason why. It could be a browser issue with your computer, it could be due to your internet connection, it could be a problem between our website and the PayPal server. If you place an order and for some reason you don’t get directed we will send you a PayPal money request, as long as your email address is correct you should receive it. We advise to log directly into your PayPal Account rather than clicking the link in case it is someone trying to get your PayPal details.
We hope to make your buying online from our many online stores a pleasure but sometimes things that happen on the internet are beyond our control.

I Have Items In My Shopping Cart But It Wont Let Me Checkout
One reason possible is if you are buying from outside of Australia the product may not have an international shipping weight enabled. This doesn’t mean we wont ship that item. Our shopping carts are built by real people and sometimes we make mistakes. A few of the customers we have spoken to about these problems have been trying to purchase of a mobile device like a mobile phone or tablet, these sometimes use different operating systems and when they enter a secure part of the site the mobile devices can not make contact with he server. Simply click the contact button below and we will complete your order over the phone.

Tablets, IPads, Mobile Phone Browsing
After contacting many customers who had trouble purchasing or registering for our online stores a common problem has been they have been using mobile devices. There can sometimes be problems with security (both our end and your end) with our website and the operating systems used on mobile devices. We are always trying to find the best way of meeting our customers needs and are working on changing our sites to enable you to view the information or make a purchase

We take our online selling reputation seriously and are crusaders in the ever growing challenge of working with authorities in stamping out online fraud. We are proud of our reputation of supplying customers worldwide. Below is our seller account on eBay with feedback from customers who have purchased from us.

Phone Or Text You Message To…  04 03221105 in Australia 
International Phone or Text you will need to enter your country code for dialing outside of your country this can normally be found if you Google to Call Australia from ??? your country.