Subaru Go Kart Engines

Australian High Performance Industries are a distributor of Subaru and Robin engines as used on gokarts. We have a site with lots of information, help pages, spare parts, how to set cam timing, rocker clearances and how to look after you engine. Our range of Subaru spare parts and performance products can be shipped world wide as these engine are used through out the world and we have shipped replacement parts, rebuild kits, performance parts, cylinder heads, camshafts, intake manifolds, exhaust headers and mufflers plus supplied information to customers in Spain, France, United Kingdom, United States of America and Australia. We have developed many after market performance parts for the Subaru EX17, EX21, Ex27 and the go kart engine the KX21. Subaru or Robin engines are over head cam engines unlike Honda and Briggs and Stratton that are over head valve engines and are used on gokarts, hire go karts, champ karts, mini bikes, off road buggies, Mokai jet powered canoes and as a commercial and industrial engine on farms, in the construction and building industry, used as pressure and fire fighting pumps and many other applications.

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