Taco Mini Bikes No Longer Available

Once current inventory is sold

Australian High Performance Industries is an Authorised distributor of Taco Mini Bikes and Genuine Taco Products. The relationship with Taco USA was formed in late 2013 with AHPI pty ltd placing its first order in January 2014. The Taco Brand of Mini Bikes started back in the 1960s by John Steen in Southern California and finished production in 1977. Before getting its official name as “The Mini Bike” early Mini Bikes were referred to as Gokart Cycles or mini cycles. The original owner and founder of Taco Mini Bikes sold the company in 1969 and again in 1972 the Taco mini bike brand was sold again and operated by the third owner until they ceased trading in late 1976. The Taco mini bike company ended up in Texas where the business was not really active and was purchased by a passionate mini bike fan it was returned back to Southern California its place of birth, Taco Mini Bikes one of Americas Iconic brands of Mini Bikes has been revived using modern methods and materials to reproduce the products in the same period styling that Taco Mini Bikes were produced in the early days.

We have a close working relationship with The new president of Taco Mini Bikes and share the passion of this iconic brand and it USA heritage that has remained, some components may now be made with modern methods and materials but the passion and styling still remains.

To view the Taco Mini Bikes Australia website click the link below

taco mini bikes australia