Australian High Performance Industries is a company based in Adelaide, South Australia.

We have been in the Automotive Industry for over 25 years with experience in many areas of the industry from general spare part at a retail and wholesale level, Engine reconditioning of standard, high performance, vintage and race engines, container importation of vehicles and parts from the USA, design and development of many products for automotive and industrial applications. We have served many customers world wide with our range of our own products plus supplied some unique Australian automotive products to car collectors and racers.

We started to trade under the Aussiespeed trading name but with business growth and being appointed distributors for Australia with other products the Aussiespeed® name is now a product brand name respected through out the world in drag racing, speedway, 4 stroke go karting, power boat racing and many other forms of motorsport.

Australian High Performance Industries are the Australian distributor of Briggs & Stratton Racing Engines and a full range of spare parts to suit the Briggs & Stratton Animal, Local 206, Animal M series Quarter Midget Engines And Gear Boxes, World Formula and Junior 206 racing engines.

as0260k-fitted briggs-local-206-kart-engine briggs-racing-short-motor bs-808656-fuel-pump bs555658-pz-22-walbro

Australian High Performance Industries are also distributors of Noram centrifugal clutches, Noram GE series racing clutches and carry a range of spare parts to service the clutches including clutch drums, clutch hubs, clutch springs, clutch shoes and other service and replacement Noram clutch parts.

maxtorque-go-kart-clutch-#35 inferno-1-inch-bore-clutch go-kart-clutch-titan

Australian High Performance are distributors of Premier Titan and Premier Stinger racing clutches. The Premier Titan Clutch is a 4 shoe centrifugal drum clutch that is supplied with Briggs and Stratton World Formula Racing engines.

noram-ge-clutch-springs-red-3 noram-ge-clutch-springs-white-3 noram-ge-clutch-springs-black-3 noram-ge-clutch-springs-blue-3 ge20-219-noram-clutch

Australian High Performance Industries are importers of the Inferno Fury, Inferno Flame and Inferno Blaze racing clutches and carry a full range of sprockets, shoes, springs and service and tuning parts to service your Inferno Gokart Racing Clutch.

Australian High Performance Industries stock USA made Hillard clutches for 1 inch bore engines as well as industrial type pulley clutches for industrial and commercial applications.

Australian High Performance Industries have licensing agreements to manufacture the Aussiespeed® range of Performance Products, Aussiespeed® Manifolds, Stripmaster® Manifolds, Ultraflow Manifolds, Active® Manifolds and associated merchandise related to these brands.

asu0090 b as0148p-ass as0118-left as0110k as0115rass as0102p-front as0050p-as0290p-front as0027-quad-clevo as0016-as-as0241 as0323-10-AS0099-L67 as0026-p-longx2 as0042-139-carbs as0353-water-pump-block-off-slant-6-with-outlets as0050p-as0062p-as0172p as0324-45 x 3

Australian High Performance Industries also manufacture the Aussiespeed® Small Engine Performance Product Range, Aussiespeed® Evil Stick Camshafts and valve train components, Aussiespeed® Power Pipes and the Aussiespeed range of Gokarts and Go kart components

Evil Cam & Valve Train Componentsevil-stick-small-engine-cam-briggsas0253-flat-completehemi-predator-kit-3as0469p-hemi-predatorAS0446P-KIT-SIDEas0206as0208b-finned-briggs-rocker-coveras0208p-briggs-finned-valve-coveras0228kitas0237r-fuel-pump-cover-finnedas0246-pulse-fitting-briggsas0257-10mm-spacer-briggsas0259-header-flange-cloneas0260k-throttle-bracket-kitas0263-oil-plugas0270p-subaru-rocker-coveras0312-honda-header-pipe-couplerfuel-pump-briggshonda-gx200-dressup-kit-blacksubaru-blue-dress-up-kit

Devils Own Water Methanol Injection


methanol-water-injection-kit-1 water-injection-kit-2devils-own-water-injectionpressure-gauge-water-injectionwater-injection-4-quart-tank-and-float-sensorwater-injection-bulkhead-fittingwater-injection-controlerwater-injection-filter-in-linewater-injection-filterwater-injection-nozzlewater-injection-pressure-gauge-water-injection-pump-australiawater-injection-tank-with-senderwater-injection-tubingwater-methanol-injection-twin-dual-nozzle

Aussiespeed Street Supercharging Kits & Components, The Blower Shop, Weiand Superchargers, Holley Superchargers

as481-au-assemblyas0509p-holden-supercharge-kitas0028-as0198-ford-cleveland-tunnel-ram-supercharger-manifold AS0038P-PORT-SIDE as0139-flat as0248r-503r-kit as0325-511-140 as0343-m90-plenum as0451-fitted as0455-snout-ass as0456-3-pin-drive as480p-snout-assembly-front as0480r-spline-dog as481-au as0486-140 as0487-22-kit-hemi-6- as0490-base-gasket as491-snout-gasket as0502-509 as0503r-hemi-kit as0505p-as0506p-tensioner as0506p-tensioner as0510rc as0512-m112-adapter as0521f-crank-pulley fuel injected holden 6 blower kit ls-kit-no-blower supercharger-the-blower-shop tbs-6v-71 the-blower-shop-250 weiand-blower-pulley